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Kids4Truth Clubs
Kids4Truth Clubs is a division of Regular Baptist Press. It's purpose is to help fulfill the mission of glorifying God thru the Kids4Truth Clubs curriculum and program. This program is a local-church-based children's education ministry that uses a lesson time, a TruthBook time, a song time, and a reward time in order to strengthen young hearts and minds with the important teachings of the authentic Christian faith.

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Follow Kids4Truth on their official Facebook page and be informed about their activities, products, and regular updates.

Kids4Truth Clubs Music Album
Start teaching your children to worship and sing praises to the Lord. The eight songs included in this album will truly enjoyed by young children. The songs are singable and easy to memorize.

Kids 4 Truth Clubs - Cosperville Baptist Church
Cosperville Baptist Church has incorporated in their children's program the Kids 4 Truth Clubs curriculum to help children become God-focused believers through essential Christian truth. They meet every Wednesday evening. Visit the website of Cosperville Baptist Church for more information.

Regular Baptist Press Bookstore
You can order the Kids4Truth Clubs curriculum and other related resources on the online store of Regular Baptist Press Bookstore.

Regular Baptist Press Canada
The Kids4Truth Clubs materials are also available at Regular Baptist Press Canada. You can order online or visit their physical store.


Kids 4 Truth
Answers in Genesis
"A recent survey by America's Research Group found that significant numbers of children start doubting the Bible as early as the fourth grade. Many children's programs entertain and teach Bible stories, but they fail to teach sound doctrine and connect the Bible with the real world. One ministry that wants to change this is Kids 4 Truth." (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

Kids 4 Truth
Calvary Baptist Church
"Kids4Truth is a ministry of our fellowship that is seeking to serve families with children from four years old to sixth grade. We believe that the Word of God places the responsibility of the discipleship of children upon their fathers and mothers, and we want to do everything that God would enable us to do in order to encourage and help facilitate that process." (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

New Web Dynamation Encourages Children to Believe in Christ Alone
Christian Newswire
"In their most recent Dynamation (dynamic animation) titled Life of Christ, Kids 4 Truth introduces a simple Gospel presentation that blends music, artwork, narration, and Scripture to communicate the unchanging message of Jesus Christ." (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

Workshops Provide Training in Kids4Truth Clubs
Regular Baptist Press
"Village Baptist Church in Aurora and Millersville Baptist Church in Taylorsville, North Carolina, held Kids4Truth training sessions led by Marrena Ralph, clubs program specialist." (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

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